Lianne Matieshin

I graduated from SIAST in June 2009 and have had the privilege of experience in multiple areas including assisting with orthopedic surgeries, working with all kind of exotics, and also assisting dentistry specialists.  I love the environment of Martensville Veterinary Hospital and being AHAA accredited is extremely important to me so I can continue to provide a high level of care to our patients.

My favorite part about being an RVT is the human-animal bond, because there are really two parts to this relationship.  I want your pet to be with you for as long as possible, but I also want all the years in between to be amazing for the both of you.

One of my special interests is anesthesia and making sure that your pet is safe and comfortable during any procedure they may require.  I also love dentistry which is one of those aspects of our pet’s health that can sometimes not be as noticeable to pet owners. Hearing how much happier a pet is after their dental procedure is one of the best parts of my day.

Canine enrichment is one of my favorite topics and if you mention to me that your dog may be bored, then plan to stay at the clinic for a bit longer!  I currently own a very high drive border collie, I’ve had one before him and will likely always have them.  I train in multiple dog sports, including agility, barn hunt, dock diving, disc, chase ability, and the list goes on.  In between trials and practices, my border collie still needs daily physical and mental activity, and I provide him with this in multiple ways.  Not every dog needs all these things, but every dog can benefit from more physical exercise and mental stimulation in their lives.   Canine enrichment may also enrich your life as well and strengthen the bond you have.