Pet Monitoring

A key factor in ensuring your pet’s safety and comfort while they stay at the Martensville Veterinary Hospital is patient monitoring. Based on an animal’s individual requirements, outpatient monitoring may also be required to ensure patient comfort and recovery. While in our care, your pet will be monitored by a team consisting of veterinarians and nationally certified, registered veterinary technicians. Patient monitoring can include a combination of the following, base on your pet’s requirements:

  • Assessment of overall function (i.e. alertness, mobility)
  • Assessment of capillary refill time
  • Assessment of heart rate and rhythm, ECG
  • Assessment of lung sounds, respiratory function
  • Assessment of bodily functions (i.e. eating, drinking, urination, defecation)
  • Assessment of nausea
  • Assessment of pain
  • Assessment of body temperature
  • Assessment of blood pressure
  • Assessment of blood chemistry (i.e. blood glucose, enzymes, electrolytes, oxygenation)

Based on the findings of these assessments, a plan will be developed to best suit the needs of your individual pet.