Our three dogs have all been patients of Martensville Veterinary Hospital for 17 years.  In those 17 years we have dealt with the death of one dog and serious illness of the other two.  We are continually impressed with the professionalism, analytical ability, compassion, thoroughness and knowledge of Dr. Stewart, her colleagues and employees.  Having had pets for the past 40 years, and having dealt with many vet clinic, we do not hesitate to say that Martensville Veterinary Clinic is head and shoulders above any others with whom we have dealt.  Most telling is that the dogs themselves are always happy to walk in the door.

Sally C. (Waldheim)

Colin W. (Martensville) – “I think that all the staff there is awesome and does an amazing job. I feel like when I bring Dixie in for anything, me and her will be treated great and taken care of. I’m confident in everyone there and will always be bringing all pets here.”

Richard B. (Saskatoon) – “Excellent doctors and staff.  By far the best pet clinic I’ve ever used!”

Bonnie G. (Martensville) – “It is clear that you are all there for the love you have for animals and not just a pay cheque.  I highly recommend you to anyone I know that has a pet.”

Jennifer P. (Saskatoon) – “I feel like everyone knows how special our dogs are to us and seem to be genuinely happy to see them visit.  Mary’s dental went better than expected and her breath is fresh again, which is nice because she tends to be a close talker! Thank you!”

Michelle L. (Martensville) – “Dr. Ward and the rest of the team always take such great care of Bob.  Thank you!”

Joan D. (Saskatoon) – “Dr. Stewart is great and we appreciate the super care and compassion that she gives Maggie.  Also the care, the patience and the commitment that the staff has provided to Maggie and us is very appreciated.”

Charlene E. (Clavet) – “Everyone was very friendly.  I was referred by my son and daughter-in-law and I am very impressed.  Dr. Roberts was excellent and so calm with my dogs.  The life stage package was explained to me without me feeling pressured.”

Jody D. (Martensville) – “I was pleased with the very short wait time and friendly greeting upon arrival.  The high level of care and consideration from the entire staff was impressive.  This review is based on my first visit to the clinic with my cat, Billy.  I will take this opportunity to say thank you for a stress free and pleasant experience.  We will be back!”

Vanessa P. (Saskatoon) – “Benji received superb care…and numerous people came to see how me, the stressful owner, was doing as well.  Thank you all very much!”